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High purity, Eco-Conciously.

As a leading global graphite trading company, is rooted in Sri Lanka - the heartland of premier quality graphite. Our expertise lies in the meticulous sourcing, processing, and exporting of this remarkable material to a diverse range of industries around the globe. Grounded in the principles of sustainability, quality, and customer service, we are dedicated to connecting the world with Sri Lanka's finest graphite.

From 1820 to 1920, Sri Lanka enjoyed a golden era as a top global graphite supplier. However, a confluence of challenges, including corruption, technological limitations, market price fluctuations, and stiff competition from other countries, led to a decline in Sri Lanka's standing in the global graphite market. Today, Sri Lankan vein graphite contributes just 1% of the total global supply.

Our mission at is to chart a new course. We aim to revive the esteemed reputation of Sri Lankan vein graphite in the global arena, showcasing its unique quality and inherent sustainability to the world.

Key Advantages of Sri Lankan Graphite

Sri Lankan graphite, also known as vein or lump graphite, stands out from other natural graphite found in the world due to several key advantages:

High Purity: Sri Lankan graphite is known for its naturally high carbon content of over 90%, compared to the global industry average of 10-15%. This makes it superior in terms of purity.
Sustainability: Because of its high purity, Sri Lankan graphite requires less processing, leading to a lower environmental footprint and making it a more sustainable choice.
Superior Performance: The high carbon content allows for higher thermal and electrical conductivity, making it highly suitable for various applications, including in batteries and in steel manufacturing.
Consistency: Sri Lankan graphite mines are known for their consistent quality, providing reliable supplies of high-grade graphite.
Economic Advantage: The government of Sri Lanka supports the graphite industry with favorable policies and incentives, facilitating a cost-effective supply chain.
Quality Over Quantity: While Sri Lanka may not produce the most graphite by volume, it focuses on quality over quantity, ensuring that the graphite it does produce is among the highest quality in the world.

These advantages make Sri Lankan graphite a highly desirable choice for industries around the globe.

How It's Done


At, we've established robust relationships with the premier mines in Sri Lanka, renowned for their high-grade graphite. 

These alliances are not merely transactional; they're built on mutual respect and a shared commitment to quality and sustainability. By working directly with these top-tier mines, we can ensure the unparalleled quality of our graphite. Our close collaboration allows us to streamline the sourcing and processing steps, resulting in superior benefits to our esteemed clients. Offering competitively priced, superior graphite. 

Our partnerships underline our promise to deliver nothing but the best to our customers, globally.